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Planning and building pyramids
Treatment with pyramid
- Treatment description
- Experiences
- Treatment devices

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Researching about pyramids
Travelling to pyramids
Meeting with us
Working pyramids



Planning and building pyramids

- Moving and standing pyramids (hu)

- Design guide for pyramids (hu)

- Building straight pyramid from wood slats (hu)

- Combined pyramid building with size of 13 cm (hu)

- Usage ideas (hu)

- Dismountable pyramid installing (hu)

- Special offer and prices (hu)

Treatment with pyramid

- General presentation of treatment with pyramid (hu)

Best uses

- About working of karma and special rules in Earth (hu)

The treatment description

Chapter 6th - East, base level (hu)

Chapter 7th - East, advance level (hu)

- Escape from the slavery (hu)


- Experiences (hu)

- Robber beings energy (hu)

- Treatment of depression (hu)

- Treatment of panic attack (hu)

Treatment devices

- Initiation devices (hu)

- Standing pyramids (hu)

- Moving pyramids

Chapter 1st - Starting with singing bowl (hu)

Chapter 2nd - The crystalbed (hu)

Chapter 3rd - The pyramid (hu)

Chapter 4th - Movement pyramid (hu)

Chapter 5th - Using crystals (hu)

- Bent pyramid building from wood (hu)

Researching about pyramids

- New questions (hu)

- Results (hu)

- Donate my research (hu)

Travelling to pyramids

- Visiting 3 pyramids insight too
(Grate, Bent, Step pyramid of Djoser) (hu)

Meeting with us

- The first meeting (hu)

Working with pyramids

- Base level - working of pyramids (hu)

- The atman of pyramids (hu)

- The force of pyramids (hu)

- Bent pyramids (hu)

- Advanced level - working of pyramids (hu)

- Pyramids roles on the Earth (hu)

- The valley of pyramids (hu)

- Connect to pyramids (hu)

- The light of pyramids (hu)


- Why do I work with pyramids? (hu)

- Introduce myself (hu)

- Connect

- Rules for

- Change tracking